This is my crazy idea that was bore of my physical & mental struggles and triumphs (that continue to this day) and my work in the movement field.

Movement is joy and I want to bring that joy to others, but how do you even start?! How do I find out what movement brings me joy (and what doesn’t!)? How can I keep soreness and pain to a minimum? How can I make sure ‘I’m doing it right?’ How can I make sure that when I find something I like [love], that I can do it for a long time and stay injury-free?

There are always a lot of questions [obstacles] when we start something new and I want to help break down those barriers. It won’t always be about movement; we will talk about the importance of mindset, other life-living factors (job/work, relationships, food, sleep and beyond) and more.

I can’t wait to share and see how this all evolves. Stay tuned for more!

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