Why hire a coach?
As a coach, I am here to support you, help with accountability and provide additional resources that you can’t get anywhere else. When you work with me, we will be in communication daily and you will be able to reach out to me with any questions or concerns; weekly calls covering topics like meal prep, grocery shopping, and more! We will spend at least 6 weeks working together: 30 days clearing your mind & body, reintroduction and into your Food Freedom lifestyle.

Pre-Holiday Mini-Reset Group
Coming Soon!
Support, Resources and Community for 18 days (3 days prep, 15 day reset)

– Support from Two Whole30 Certified Coaches
– Private Community in Slack, this group is Facebook/social media free!
– Live calls (via Zoom) through out
– $40 per person and $10 of each sale will be donated to The Cupcake Girls
This group is open to first-time and experienced Whole30-ers. We will support each other, share experiences, resources and hold each other accountable.

Virtual Coaching 1:1 Service
Currently reworking my one-on-one offerings, stay tuned and check back later.

Whole30 Client Testimonials:
” I would never have been able to complete a Whole30 without my coaches Megan and Tabitha. They employed kindness and tough love at just the right times. Tabitha and Megan gave back to the Whole30 group more than I ever expected. I can’t thank them enough for not only getting me through my first Whole30 but also helping me to incorporate a proper reintroduction so I can use that information wisely.” – Carla

“I think the best part working with a coach was having someone who has gone through what I was about to go through and them being willing to share their experience and not just depend on the written materials to motivate me. They were open to any and all questions and very giving of their time. I know I would have not been successful if I had of just bought the book and tried it on my own. They were really great!” – Debbie

“Having a Whole30 coach kept me on track and aware of all the important aspects of completing the challenge — Like learning to understand nutrition labels, having a grasp on the why’s of completing Whole30, get back into positive eating habits and reminding myself what eating well feels like. Plus, having a group of people to share the experience with, and coaches to answer real time questions. This was the best and life changing!” Jessica