Growing up on a dairy farm in small-town North Central Wisconsin is not exactly the place where you think you’re going to grow up to be a yoga teacher or wellness coach. Heck, I still feel like a fraud some days! I don’t fit the mold but I sure am passionate and dedicated.

®2019 Rebel Heart Phtography

Today, I am a teacher and coach. I want to help others feel at peace with their relationships with the body and their diet. The amount of time I have spent hating my body and feeling controlled by food is incalculable. I want to help others through Food Freedom, movement and mindset, and start to drop the not-good-enough-because- I-don’t-look-a-certain-way narrative, as well as, feel pretty damn good.

I am a Whole30 Certified Coach and I have over 600 hours of yoga training under my belt. I am constantly learning from all of you plus additional training and self-study.