So, you’re in the middle of your Whole30 and you’re sick of cleaning ALLLLL the dishes. Every meal, all the time. But the thought of eating out – the research, the questions – almost seems worse than the dishes.
That’s why I am starting a Las Vegas locals guide to dining out during your Whole30 . I’ve included mostly off-strip options for my locals!! I’ll be adding more places as I find them, so check back or follow me on Instagram @megansmovement for the latest updates.
As always, recipes are always subject to change and it’s a good practice to ask your servers or call ahead about ingredients. It’s not advisable to tell them you have allergies if you don’t actually have an allergy. I usually say something to the affect of I am avoiding certain foods including sugar and wanted to see if I could eat at your/this restaurant.
General Tips:
– Check the online menu. I usually find 1-2 options that appear to be compliant (or with a few adjustments) and then I call the restaurant about any potential non-compliant ingredients like oils, marinades, spices etc.
– Next call and try to call during off-peak hours. You can use my script for calling if you’re not sure where to start, “Hi, my name is _______. I’m calling today to find out about the ingredients on the menu, are you the right person to talk to? I am calling to see if <menu item> has any (seasoning, sauce, or other specific ingredient) and what kind of cooking oil, if any, is used. I’m not allergic but I am avoiding certain things right now.”
– Bring your own sauces – ketchup, coconut aminos, mayo, salad dressing, buffalo or BBQ.
When in doubt, leave it out!

Local Las Vegas Eateries

Flower Child
Over on the West side is Flower Child boasts a lot of vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options. They also have a good selection of Whole30 options as well!
They have a sugar-free (no sugar, honey or other sweetener!) and dairy-free lemon-avocado dressing available for all salads. The Organic Kale, Chopped Vegetable + Skinny Cobb are great options minus the dressing (sub the lemon-avocado option), cheese and other non-compliant items.
Check out the Thai Green Papaya, Sauteed Spinach, Avocado (#platedfat), Indian-spiced cauliflower, Clementine, Strawberry & Organic Apple. You might also be able to have the Smashed Potato or Sauteed Broccoli made without the dairy (butter).
Their bowls are mainly cooked in a wok with grapeseed or olive oil. Check out the Glow Bowl – they said that the sunflower seed butter has no added sugar!

Greens & Proteins
One of my favorites!! They have multiple locations including Henderson and Downtown.
I know sometimes burgers can get old as they are one of the Whole30 “standby” options but they do have turkey and bison burgers, in addition to beef (angus) just have them made without a bun or lettuce wrapped. They do use a spice blend (sugar-free), salt & pepper and also a canola oil spray on the flat top for cooking. The jicama “fries” are a great side option.
You can also get their Chicken Tacos made with lettuce wraps instead of taco shells, just make sure to ask for it without the sauce/marinade (the chef told me they usually add it part way through cooking).
The buffalo chicken fingers are also an option. The sauce is made with a canola & sunflower oil blend and no sugar. Skip the ranch or bring your own.
They also have a Build Your Own Meal option, just make sure to look out for hidden ingredients in marinades and sauces!

Sunrise Coffee
This is my favorite coffee place in Las Vegas! They also own another spot up the road called Mothership Coffee where they make their baked goods. They have a couple of breakfast/brunch options now available. They are used to order substitutions + changes, so no fear!! And a heads up their online menu isn’t up to date (as of 4/12/19). Check out the Beautiful Bowl (minus the Hummus) or the Hot Mess Bowl (Minus the sour cream, cheese and toast) – you can add avocado and/or side of fruit. They have a lot of unsweetened hot/iced teas, coffee, but remember to bring your own creamer if you want it (their almond milk has a bit of sugar).

A super cool vegan spot with locations Downtown and now Henderson, you wouldn’t think you’d find much here. While there isn’t a lot that is indeed compliant, you can eat here!
The Pamela Anderson is the only lunch/dinner item that would be compliant. Be sure to order it minus the dressing. They do have unsweetened iced tea and coffee.

The Guilt Free Glutton
An interesting spot next to a gaming pub, but like a lot of places in Vegas – expect the unexpected. Kind of like SkinnyFATS, they have a two-sided menu: one gluttonous, “sinful” part of their menu and the other more “angelic” light side. While, I don’t believe in food labeling of this nature, I wanted to let you know their setup. You can eat-in, grab takeout and even get meal prep at this spot! Bring your own sauces, mayo or condiments if you plan to dine in.
We went and I had the Firecracker Bowl with shrimp, to make it Whole30 compliant order it without any sauces (there’s a stirfry sauce and a firecracker sauce).. They also have many other menu items that can be adjusted to fit the Whole30 guidelines:
Sandwiches: Burger (no bun, no aioli); Steak Sandwich (no bun, cheese, balsamic glaze or aioli); Chicken Club (no bun, protein style).
Bowls: Firecracker (skip both sauces stir fry & firecracker – bring/use your own coconut aminos); Stir Fry (no rice, no teriyaki – sub zoodles)
Salads: Grilled Ahi (no cheese, no dressing); Steak (no cheese, no dressing); Chop Salad (no cheese, no dressing); Berry (no dressing).
Plates: Steak (no balsamic glaze); Salmon (sub veggies for rice pilaf); Blackened White Fish; Fish Tacos (no beans or rice, add extra veggies).

SkinnyFATS is known for their devil vs angel menu, featuring light options alongside more gluttonous options.
Whole30 Options:
Caulifire minus the cilantro-yo sauce: cauliflower, pico de gallo and buffalo sauce. I confirmed that the buffalo sauce does not contain any sugar is a mix of canola oil, peppers, vinegar and spices.
Things in Bowls: Any bowls can be made with cauliflower rice or greens instead of regular rice. Other items to skip: Agave BBQ, Yo Sauce, and Balsamic Glaze.

Chain Options

Chipotle – Whole30 Bowl s
Chipotle recently added THREE options to it’s online ordering app, making it super easy to order ahead and pick up your bowl! If you’re not ordering ahead, you simply order a Carnitas (pork), Adobo Chicken or Carne Asada salad with fajita veggies, pico de gallo (mild salsa) and guacamole — skip the dressing. More information can be found here.

In N Out
The darling West Coast original! Their burgers are complaint, just order them ‘protein style’ with no cheese or sauces and your choice of fresh onion or tomato. Leave the animal sauce for your food freedom. They do grind their own burger blend, so it’s a pretty decent and easy option.

Five Guys – Bunless burgers
Five Guys burgers are not seasoned and not cooked in any oil/butter. They use flat top grills for the cooked vegetables options as well and fresh produce is cut daily. Condiments such as pickles, ketchup, mustard, hot or steak sauce would not be compliant and should be avoided. A great place to bring your own sauces or grab it to go and dress it up when you get home. 

Whole Foods Hot / Cold Bar
Whole Foods lists the ingredients of all hot food items and their salad bar has a lot of options. Double check salad dressings or they usually have olive oil and vinegar available as well.

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Rhonda Killough · February 5, 2020 at 5:58 pm

Thanks! This was helpful 🙂 you can add to the list pampas Brazilian steakhouse.

    Megan Hable · February 17, 2020 at 10:28 am

    Thanks! I am working on a list of new places to visit and I will add it!

Carrie H · August 6, 2020 at 3:59 pm

Thank you for this, my husband and I are in week 2 and would like a break from cooking for a night 🙂

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