been working remotely for over five years and I’ve learned a few things when it comes to being productive over the years. If this is new for you, here are 5+ tips to help save you from Netflix & chilling all day or deep cleaning your house and actually getting some work done.

  1. Maintain your morning routine
    If you workout – get your movement in by doing an at home workout (so many people are teaching free classes online right now!) or getting outside for a walk or run. Shower, brush your teeth, comb your hair, wash your face, moisturize. Wear something that isn’t your PJs. Putting on shoes makes me feel like I’m at an office, so I wear shoes.
  2. Boundaries
    Don’t let your work and home life bleed together, keep them as separate as you can!
    • Do not answer or check your email outside of your normal office hours. No one is expecting you (hopefully) to respond just because you’re working from home.
    • Eat your meals away from your desk, even if it’s across the room or in the next room. Get off of your computer/phone for a few mindful minutes and enjoy your meal.
    • If you have a partner or family, limit time to talk about work. For example, after 6pm there is no more work talk at our house. We can take an hour to vent or talk through things, but that’s it. No one is paying you to work overtime.
  3. OVER communicate
    Yes, over communicate with your coworkers. Folks, we are NOT mind readers. Ask for support when you need it. Gotta grab something from the store or pharmacy, tell them. These are different times, you’re likely not going out for leisure or screwing off. People understand. Isolation is not a good thing for most people. Check in on others.
  4. No one is expecting you to work 7-8 straight hours. Read that again. You can take breaks, get water, go to the bathroom, take meal / snack breaks, walk around the block. I usually suggest moving every 30-90 minutes depending on what I’m working on. Just try to match the amount of work you get done in the office.
  5. If you’re brand new to this: Don’t do tasks that you wouldn’t do at the office until you’ve had some experience and get your “work from home legs” under you. So, if you were planning to deep clean your house, binge watch shows, do the dishes and the laundry press pause so you aren’t completely tuned out of work.
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