We’re all staying at home and/or sheltering in place, so I compiled all my simple, Whole30-compliant meals to share with you! I’m not currently doing an official round, but I’ve been falling back into this WOE (way of eating) naturally. It’s helped me cope with the additional anxiety and stress of the situation. We still will typically order takeout/delivery once a week and those meals are a part of my Food Freedom.

Day 1 Meal 1Buffalo Chicken Breakfast Casserole topped with more buffalo sauce (The New Primal) and ranch (Tessemae’s), greens salad with berries, cashews, olive oil & balsamic dressing. Decaf Coffee w/ Nutpods.
Day 1 Meal 2 – Grilled Chicken w/ BBQ sauce (Tessemae’s Sweet & Spicy), sweet potatoes and salad w/ dressing.
Day 1 Meal 3 – Two burger patties topped with Primal Kitchen’s Special Sauce, broccoli and brussel sprouts (cooked in the air fryer).

Day 2 Meal 1 – Grabbed a pre-made Model Meal – the Chilaquiles are so good!
Day 2 Meal 2 – Two compliant hot dogs (I had Applegate), raw carrots w/ ranch.
Day 2 Meal 3 – Ribeye steak (marinated in coconut aminos, salt, pepper, and garlic) that I bought on clearance and needed to be used up, mashed potatoes, broccoli w/ ghee.

Day 3 Meal 1 – two fried eggs, two sausage patties (from my ButcherBox), hash browns, broccoli, ghee on my veggies.
Day 3 Meal 2 – Grilled Chicken salad with beets (I bought them cooked), pecans, greens, nutritional yeast, ranch and BBQ Sauce.
Day 3 Meal 3 – Ground beef w/ taco seasoning (Primal Palate), cilantro-lime cauli-rice, avocado, coleslaw.

Day 4 Meal 1 – Leftover breakfast casserole w/ hot sauce and ranch
Day 4 Meal 2 – Ordered Chipotle Salad Bowls for takeout
Day 4 Meal 3 – Air Fryer Chicken Wings (also from my ButcherBox), raw carrots, broccoli and peppers w/ ranch.

Day 5 Meal 1 – two fried eggs, bacon (ButcherBox), sweet potatoes, salad w/ nuts, olive oil and balsamic.
Day 5 Meal 2 – Grilled Chicken w/ BBQ sauce, brussel sprouts, carrots w ranch.
Day 5 Meal 3 – two burger patties w/ PK Special Sauce, potatoes and salad.

Day 6 Meal 1 – Leftover casserole, salad w/ berries and nuts
Day 6 Meal 2 – Two Cod fillets w/ PK Tartar Sauce, potatoes, salad
Day 6 Meal 3 – Steak, sweet potatoes, brussel sprouts

Day 7 Meal 1 – Last Model Meal in the fridge, grabbed the Chilaquiles!
Day 7 Meal 2 – Leftover cod, potatoes, broccoli
Day 7 Meal 3 – Egg roll in a bowl w/ cashews

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