In short: it is a GIFT.

Let me explain. A little background…

I am not only my body; my body is an amazing container for all my awesomeness. For reference, I am 5’4″ and weigh around 170lbs. I usually wear somewhere around a size 10-14 pants, M-XL shirts. (side note: clothing sizes are so f*cked up these days, especially for women!) However, there’s no WRONG way to have a body. There’s no body that isn’t worthy of movement or isn’t a yoga body. Your body composition doesn’t disqualify you from participating in your life. Your body doesn’t disqualify you from a passion, relationship or anything — well maybe from being like an astronaut but, because physics.

Listen, I know it takes a lot of work to getting to the zero f*cks stage, but it’s possible. And just because you give no f*ucks one day, doesn’t mean you don’t struggle. I absolutely struggle. I think we all do. Our struggles are our gifts.

I believe it’s my gift that I am a not-so-bendy yoga teacher. My struggles with the physical and mental aspects are something I can speak to with experience and possibly help with others and/or serve as an example that it’s normal to not be able to do something (yet) or that its ok to not be ok. Yes, I absolutely feel self-conscious – will these people listen to my fatass talk about getting into handstand or a bind (mind you, things I can’t do without props, yet)?!?! Maybe they won’t but maybe they will. Maybe they see a little bit of themselves in you or their own struggles in your words and they identify with that.

Embrace the struggle, instead of trying to avoid it.  In the moment, that’s really hard. It’s uncomfortable, sometimes painful and it’s often void of a reason. The lesson and reason usually come after, after you’ve come out the other side. Adversity is often something we talk about as a positive, maybe even a little braggy when we’re past it.

Remind yourself, no matter how tough the road gets or long it may seem, your struggles are your gift.


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