I decided to set a goal of only spending $150 weekly on food to show myself and others that doing the Whole30 is possible on budget.
If you’ve been following me for awhile, you know that I don’t do menu / recipe planning. I tend to make a whole bunch of proteins and veggies then add a fat like nuts or dressing/sauce and a fruit once or twice a day. Just mixing + matching what sounds good for any given meal.
Now, if I were just starting out my first grocery shop would likely be quite a bit more because commonly oils and other condiments will need to be replaced. I already have a lot of that on hand. If you are on a more strict budget, I would recommend adding those items a little at a time as you prepare for the Whole30 in the weeks leading up to the start date.

Here’s what I bought, where I bought it and total spend.

Smith’s Food & Drug – Total Spend $98.37

Protein: Organic, Chicken Thighs (3 pkgs), Grass fed Beef (2 lbs), Grass fed Bison (1lb)

Produce: Organic carrots (2 lbs), Broccoli (1 bunch), Celery (1 bunch), Lemons (4), Bananas (6), Frozen mixed veggies (2 pkgs), Frozen Hash Browns (2 pkgs)

Fats: Mixed Nuts

Drinks: Organic coffee beans (1 lb), Bubly Sparkling Water (3 packs/8 cans)

Second Grocery Shop – Sprout’s – Total Spend $37.11
Protein: Organic Eggs (2 dz), Pork Sausage (1lb), Sugar-free Kielbasa (1)

Produce: Organic Potatoes (5lbs), Organic Salad Mix, Broccoli Sprouts, Organic Blueberries

Snack Trip – Sprouts – Total Spend $7.39

Rx Bars (2), DNX Bar and Kombucha

WEEKLY TOTAL = $142.87

So, what did I actually eat?
Breakfasts: 2 eggs, sausage, hash browns and salad (greens, broccoli sprouts, nuts and blueberries)
Lunches + Dinners: Protein (usually 2 palm-sized portions), sauce (buffalo, ranch, mayo and/or ketchup), salad w/ salad dressing or olive oil, roasted veggies (potatoes, broccoli) and sometimes a piece of fruit like a banana and an apple.

I am traveling the next two weeks, so stay tuned for road trip + airplane snacks. As well as, what I eat when on the road!

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